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Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! My name is Lauren Bensadoun and I am currently based out of Toronto, Canada. I’m so excited to use this platform to share my travel tips, give destination recommendations and share all my adventures with you!!

I have always been all about the outdoors, and seeking out new adventures. Whether it’s canoe trips in the summer or skiing in the winter, I cannot spend enough time outside!

Everything changed though when I graduated from Engineering at Queen’s University and decided to fly down to South America and do a solo backpacking trip for 2 months. I realized that although I’m not quite ready to quit my job, sell all my things and travel the world full time (maybe one day), that travelling is a really important part of my life now! Whether it’s discovering a new country or exploring my very own backyard (I seriously love traveling through Canada), I’m making it a priority to have travel and adventure be a huge part of my life. So far I have been to 17 Countries and 4 Continents and its just the beginning!

Why a blog??

I’m just going to put this out there.. I am NOT a writer, nor am I trying to be a writer. I started this blog because I was getting so many messages from people asking about the information from all my trips that I decided to put a word document together so I could just send it out to anyone who asked. I then realized.. hey this is some pretty useful information that I think could be relevant for a lot of people! Especially the travel tips (packing hacks, ways to travel on the cheap… etc). From there, the blog idea was born! The more I started putting it together, the more I realized I absolutely love it. I plan on posting once a week!

So, what can I do for you?!

Well, although its super inspiring reading people’s stories about selling all their things and becoming a full time traveler… I’m hoping I can bring a more REALISTIC approach to it. Show you how you can make the time and afford to travel even while having a steady job! … (I also might throw in a couple of healthy recipes, and other lifestyle posts in there.. so stay tuned for that!).

I’m on a journey to trying to be the best version of myself (which lets be honest, should always be a non stop journey) and I’m here to help you do the same! Let’s figure out together how to make the most out of our 24 hours a day and live the most fulfilling life possible!

I’m super excited about whats to come and PLEASE introduce yourself in the comments below! I would love to get to know you guys! Also if you have any specific questions, or things you would like me to cover, again throw a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer anything!!

Your fellow wanderer,


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